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We offer excellent air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in Central Kentucky. Our firm maintains an enthusiastic team of skilled local cleaners. We’ve invested in specialized equipment to assist us in serving residential and commercial customers.

Cleaning heating and air conditioning vents and ducts thoroughly require both training and skill. Entrust your ductwork to us to obtain dependable cleaning services. Our friendly, courteous staff will ensure we clean these hard-to-reach interior surfaces correctly. Ask us to vacuum HVAC ducts and dryer vents so your household can enjoy fresher, more pleasant air throughout the year.

We always tidy up our work areas after every service call; we’ll leave these locations in an attractive condition. We re-attach vents after cleaning an air duct, too, so you won’t need to perform this task after our cleaning sessions. Customers notice the pleasant results of our work with delight! Our company offers a fast turnaround time and superb cleaning assistance.

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